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A Miniature Universe...

Take a walk upside down in a place that doesn't exist

Mini Luv
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This is my fandom journal. I write primarily slash or femmeslash, but I'm always up for something new. ;) My main fandom is Harry Potter, but I dabble in Kotor, Gilmore Girls, QAF, and Twilight. My OTP at the moment is Harry/Draco, followed closely by Hermione/Pansy, Brian/Justin, Jacob/Bella, FMRevan/Carth, FMRevan/Juhani, Rory/Jess, Rory/Paris, and Loreli/Luke. See, I do like some het! Feel free to add me if you like my work and want updates, or if you just want to be friends. ;)

I love love love love love love love comments on stories but I'm... absent-minded. I always read them, and I'm always delighted, but I don't always reply back. I'm really sorry, but I swear I sometimes forget to put my bra on in the morning. XD